1st action shot of the trip 

My camera has a strange feature where it takes 2 pictures of everything I take. I am not sure how to turn it off or that its even supposed to do that but sometimes it captures some great sequences like this of a kid tripping (i didn't trip him). He was alright but he did cry a little after he got up. Four things to note, his father (or is it mother) collects recycled cardboard which probably makes them kids of migrant workers. Second, there are two of them which means that dad ignored or violated the one child policy...or they could be twins. Third, the taller boy seems to be wearing a Hello Kitty coat which means their clothes are either second hand or some clothier ignored gender based clothing. Fourth, they got cool IP violation, matching Mickey Mouse sneakers which is kind of neat.



I used to carry a large Nikon D70 camera which takes great pictures but was too large to lug everywhere. Based on Wired Mags editor Kevin Kelley's  recommendations, I now only carry the Panasonic TZ-1 Camera which is a compact that has 10x optical zoom and Leica lens. It costs about the same as one of my lenses for the Nikon.

From Cool Tools

This small camera fits in the palm of my hand and does just about everything my old 35mm Nikons with five heavy lenses did, much faster and better. (I carried two SLR bodies and five lenses around every day all day for almost 8 years.) I also prefer it to the high end digital SRL Nikons and Canons now popular with pros. The Lumix TZ1 does not capture RAW files, but most non-professionals won't need that. While it does macro closeups well, it could really use a wide-angle option, but that's the only thing I miss.
Compared to $1,000 for a digital SLR, this baby is about $320. I carry mine everywhere with me in my jacket or pants, and the quality of my images is better than what I got from my 35mm Nikons because I can shoot in lower light, further, with less blur. I would have died for this miniature high quality camera when I was shooting every day in Asia decades ago.

The Lumix is a cool small camera for those with a different philosophy of photography than studio purists. I notice that famed China blogger Keso uses one too.

From Cool Tools:

Several silicon valley billionaire gadget freaks turned me onto a hybrid camera they had discovered: the Lumix. Made by Panasonic (a name not usually associated with cameras) the Lumix seems to have a secret following. The mid-level model has the glass lens of a SLR, but at a smaller scale. Attached to a hand-sized 5-megapixel sensor is a very fast, extremely sharp zoom lens made by legendary optician Leica. The zoom is wonderfully telescopic, ranging 12X, all the way from the 35mm equivalent of 36 to an astounding 432 (!), yet clearly bright at 2.8 f/stop, which is perfect for low light without flash, and -- the key innovation here -- it employs image stabilization. The lens self corrects for vibrations. This means that I can shoot indoors and night with zoom extended (yes!) and get razor sharp shots. During daylight it is startling clear. Turns out that for real world use, sharpness is probably more important than megapixel size.

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-Frank Yu