Here is the fantasy:


 The City Weekend January 2007 Issue where Neema is the poster boy for a wild New Year's Eve lineup in Beijing.

Here is the reality:

Neema as the blurry figure on the left eating a quiet dinner with friends.

8:20 pm: Dinner with friends (i'm there too) at 3 Guizhou Men restaurant. Neema is not wearing a suit.

10:00 pm: Desserts at Bellagios for peanut smoothie and mango ice

11:30 pm: Wander around 798 looking for Yen Party

2:00 am: Do the countdown, find a taxi. go home.

The most hardest drink that I imbibe that night is Jasmine tea. Of all the events in the magazine, we attend only one.  Only one more month and we do this all over again for Chinese New Year festivities.

 Neema forced me to change the post :)

-Frank  Yu