I feel a little out of shape from the holidays but I've been around.

In the ever eternal linking and relinking reality of Web 2.0, where content begins and ends tends to get fuzzy. The world of Tags, RSS, Diggs and stuff tends to be a bit confusing to a Web 1.0 person like me since I am never really sure where the original content is from.

Here is an example of how content goes through the RSS shuffle:

This is my original post on Yao Ming and Satan.

The Shanghaiist picked up my blog entry and reposted it with some added comments and insight here.

To make it more confusing, the Chinalyst, which is an english language blog aggregator reposts the Shanghaiist quote of my quote here.

Since I don't rely on traffic or ads, I have no problem with this at all since attribution in all cases is always made but its getting harder, at least for me, to find the true source of things.

 However, in a more extreme case, I have discovered that a quote that I made in the year 2001 for CNN Asia about money laundering is quite a tough mother of a soundbite indeed.

"From the perspective of the online gambling site, they could be properly legitimate. But what they fail on is the due diligence of finding out who they are accepting money from and who they are giving money to."

Lo and Behold, this same quote now appears on this site which I traced to an article written in the UK for The Observer during  2004.

Now, I have seen that quote pop up again in January 2007 on page 18 of an Anti-Money Laundering Newsletter. Nothing really ever dies on the connected tubes of the Internet.

Will the madness ever stop? I don't think so.

Now I have to claim this blog on technorati so let the spyders go !

-Frank Yu

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