It looks like other than IE and Maxthon being hunkered down here in Beijing, Mozilla is coming here too. Bejijing is a likely choice since Mozilla's college friend from the states Google has rented an apartment in Wudouoko already and is taking some Chinese language lessons while tutoring some Chinese kids. Firefox has been backpacking through Asia and has been crashing on borrowed couches as well but with Mozilla coming here they can chip in and rent a courtyard house somewhere.

I wouldn't be surprised to find in a few years (or months)  a Chinese company announcing their own Chinese engine/browser based on Mozilla with special value added proprietary standards and special "clipper/v-chip" like backdoors. 

via Danwei

 Last night your correspondent went to a party in Beijing hosted by Mozilla, the California-based non profit organization whose mission is to improve "the Internet experience for people everywhere". All Mozilla products, including the flagship Firefox browser, are available for free in 35 languages. The idea is to make sure that all Internet users have access to free, open-source software especially Web browsers and email applications. The party brought together heavyweights from Mozilla's U.S. offices and a crowd of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs and tech-heads, many of whom seemed very keen on the Mozilla project.

Now we just need to wait to see what Beijing based Maxthon does with their browser and the Gecko engine. As for me, I've discovered the joys of browsing in Sculpting in Time and Lush using only a Nintendo DS Lite and a mobile customized version of the Opera Browser.

 -frank yu