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July, 2004

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    What do you want to see?


    We're in the process of scheduling our Australia and New Zealand MSDN Updates for the year. The plan at the moment is to have a major (all day or afternoon/evening) event each quarter, and a presentation at the local user group in the off months. The big question is - what do you want to see at these events (big and small)?

    The current (subject to much change) plan looks like this:

    1st Quarter: Web Development
    Aug WebCentral Training
    Sept From Woah to Go with ASP.NET and turn key web sites templates (.NET Nuke)
    Oct Extend the reach of your VB 6.0 Applications into the Mobile World with the .NET Compact Framework.
    2nd Quarter: Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!
    Nov Move your ASP code to ASP.NET
    Dec You waited for Web Services to have Security, Transactions etc, well wait no longer!
    Jan Start getting Ready for Longhorn Today! Upgrade your Windows Applications to GDI+ and scale them with 64 bit Power
    3rd Quarter: Connected Software
    Feb Application life cycle with emphasis on the build process and the all new Team Services
    Mar Build Secure Office Applications and integrate with your legacy systems with Infobridge
    Apr Mobile Developers Conference (MDC)
    4th Quarter: Futures
    May Developer Features in SQL Server 2005
    June Rodeo Days – Giving Longhorn a ride
    July Ready Set Code! The best of VS 2005

    Tell us what you want though!

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    Mmm - Alienware - mmm


    Some of you may know that I'm the 64-bit champion for MS in Australia. That said, I need a new machine to help me show off some of the cool new 64-bit stuff. AMD have announced some new mobile chips, including an Athalon64. A few machines have been announced, including the tablet below (which looks very cool). The one I lust after though is from Alienware. Now to clean up the drool from my keyboard ...

    Thanks to Michael for the link.

    July 19, 2004 12:01 AM USEastern Timezone

    AMD Rewrites the Rules for Notebook Performance and Portability with New Mobile Processors; New Mobile PCs from Alienware, Averatec and Epson Direct Expected for Back-to-School Season

    SUNNYVALE Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 19, 2004--

    First Convertible Tablet PC Powered by Mobile AMD Athlon&tm; Processor Now Available from Averatec

    AMD (NYSE: AMD) today introduced the Mobile AMD Athlon&tm; 64 processor 3400+, bringing customers the highest performing 32-bit/64-bit processor designed for Windows®-based notebook PCs. The addition of the new Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ to the award-winning AMD64 processor family provides an even greater selection for powerful 32-bit computing today plus compatibility with tomorrow's 64-bit software. Like all AMD64 processors, the latest Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor offers an Enhanced Virus Protection security feature, to be enabled by the upcoming Microsoft(R) Windows XP Service Pack 2. …

    Details about the Tablet:

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