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New Machine Checklist

New Machine Checklist

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I'm doing a (long overdue) rebuild of my Toshiba M200 to get rid of any Beta1/Beta2/CTP/RC gremlins.

Here's the process I use, as well as the checklist of things to install (in no particular order)

0. Backup the data that live on my HDD and are not replicated elsewhere. I use folder redirection for my My Documents folder, so all that lives on a server somewhere that's backed up, volume shadow copied and generally made available offline. I use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and also do an xCopy of my working folders to an external HD

1. Install the base OS from the media or the network (in this case it's from my VISTA CD burnt from the internal share)

2. Install Patches, SPs and Hotfixes (Microsoft Update is your friend)

3. Install Anti-virus

4. Join the Domain

5. Install all the Apps

Application Installed From
Wireless Certs Internal Share
ISA 2004 Client Internal Share
Office 2003 Internal Share
Office 2003 SP MSDN DVD
Office Hot Fixes Office Update
Plus! Super Pack Internal Share
VFP 9.0 MSDN DVD/Internal Share
Acrobat Reader
VS2005 (Team Suite) MSDN DVD/Internal Share
SQL2005 (Developer Edition) MSDN DVD/Internal Share
HeadTrax Internal Share
Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Smartphone
MS Smart Card Utilities Internal Share
Tablet PC Platform SDK
Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Internal Share
Virtual Server 2005 Internal Share
RichCopy Internal Share
MS Anti Spyware
E-Learning Offline Player
MSN 7.5
Refactor! DevX
iBurst Drivers CD
Experience Pack for Tablet PC
Streets and Trips 2006 Internal Share
MS Timezone
Voice Command Internal Share
Nero CD
Power Toys for Tablet
Power Toys for XP
SOTI Internal Share
WinZip Internal Share
ActiveSync 4.0
Mobile Developer Power Toys
MapPoint WebService SDK
Pocket PC Powertoys
MSN Toolbar
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