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71-528 Second Study Group Chat Session Transcript Posted

71-528 Second Study Group Chat Session Transcript Posted

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We got "together" again last night for our second study group session. Once again, I've posted the transcript. This is also linked from our Skills Being Measured page.

  • Andrew

    The link to the chat transcript is incorrect. Can you update it?

  • Ciaran,

    The link you want is
  • Done - Sorry Ciaran.
  • Hey,

    Can you send me details of this exam like duration, number of questions and important topics to clear the exam? Is Beta exams still available?

  • No problems. I 'hacked' the URL and found the transcript - just wanted to let you know.

    Just going to look at the third installment.

  • Hi Mandy,
    This exam is 4 hours long and I don't know how many questions it will be. The skills being measured are available from">, and from the MS site linked from

    This beta exam is full, but there will be more as the new exams are rolled out.


  • I took this exam on Monday (14th), there were over 70 questions in the exam.

    It is not overly difficult but is very very specific to the new technologies, as you would expect.

    This does make it difficult for us taking the Beta program however due to the lack of supporting documentation.

    Overall - not too difficult and a few spelling mistakes. Would be a breeze with a little bit more experience.

    PS. We get results end of Feb 06!
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