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Enabling the Word 2007 Developer Tab

Enabling the Word 2007 Developer Tab

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One of the things that took me the longest to do when I was prepping for my OzFox Session was also one of the simplest - enabling the Developer tab in the Word 2007 ribbon. The Developer tab looks like this:

Word 2007 Developer Ribbon

and it allows you to do things that a Word developer might need to do, including adding content controls. By default though, it's not enabled. To switch it on, choose Word Options from the Word Menu:

Word Menu

Make sure you've got the Popular group highlighted, and check the box that says "Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon".

Word Options Dialog

Yeah, I guess I should have found that sooner.

  • One of the demos I showed in my session at OzFox was inserting some new Custom XML into an existing template

  • Many of you have seen me present on the new Office Open XML formats and have heard me talking about how

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