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New Non-Technical Blogs

New Non-Technical Blogs

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My OPML is full of many of Australia's top technical people, but there are also a few non-technical people that I love reading (Dilbert's Scott Adams is always great value for example). Here are a couple of new ones I've added:

Michele Connolly's How To Be Happy blog (as pointed out by Craig Bailey) is a wonderful read. Subscribed.

Update - Michele's moved her blog. It's now at Subscribe at

Steve Herzberg (consultant and ex-First Class cricketer) has just started a promising blog with tips on how to sell, both yourself and your product. Subscribed.

  • The link Michele Connolly's How To Be Happy doesnt seem to work

  • Hmm - just worked again for me. What error are you geting?

  • It looks like Michele moved servers the other day. They had an outage of about an hour while she did (and I guess DNS propagation may have taken some time too). It should all be back up now.

  • Hi Andrew,

    That how to be happy blog is fantastic. Thanks for mentioning it - subscribed!

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