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Free developer events in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

Free developer events in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

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Those guys at Readify are at it again. I got this in the inbox from Greg Low today.

Hi Folks,

Many of you that were at TechEd will have heard about the Readify Developer Network by now. For those that haven’t, I’ve spelled out most of it in this blog post:

In essence, these are free, high quality, developer events running in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, starting in October. There are two events (the same) in each city each fortnight. Each event normally includes both primer level material and a more advanced level session.

There is a PDF of the brochure that was handed out at TechEd here:

We hope to see as many of you as possible along to these events and hope they’ll become part of your calendar.

If you’d like to be notified of the events, please just email with a name, email address, city and preferably a contact phone number.

We’re mindful of your email inboxes. Each month, you’ll just get one email telling you about what events are on for the month and if you register, another one a day or so prior to remind you.




What, with this initiative, local User Groups (more here), Code Camps (more here) and Office DevCon (stay tuned) ... I love this community!

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