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Going Dark(er)

Going Dark(er)

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Things have been pretty frantic for the last month or so and they're not getting any less busy at the moment. I've got half a dozen blog posts half finished, but they'll have to wait. I've just set my OOF message as follows:

Thanks for your message. I'm currently heads-down prepping for the Heroes Happen Here tour and so will be slower than usual responding to emails.
Launch Dates Around the Country:
Sydney: Thu 28 Feb
Melbourne : Tue 4 Mar
Adelaide: Thu 13 Mar
Perth: Wed 19 Mar
Brisbane: Wed 26 Mar
Canberra: Wed 2 Apr
Darwin: Tue 8 Apr
Hobart: Thu 17 Apr

Anyone who knows me will realise that "slower than usual" is saying something ... :)

The full agenda for the first 6 cities is here. I'm delivering two of the Visual Studio 2008 sessions:

Visual Studio 2008 and Windows development and Visual Studio 2008 and the Office Development Platform

See you on the other side.

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