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WPF in a box(s)

WPF in a box(s)

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We’ve got some sensational WPF training kits just in. There’s some great content in these 2-disk sets and we’re looking to get them out widely.

Disk 1 is an install of all of the VS2008 express editions.

Disk 2 is where the real goodness is. It installs WPF Reactor (about which, more in a later post), pre-configured with the WPF-in-a-Box content

In-a-box in WPF Reactor


  • WPF Whitepapers
  • Instructional Videos
  • Hands-On-Labs
  • A reference application (with all the source)
  • the WPF Toolkit
  • Links and resources

And, when I say some, I mean LOTS.

In-a-box in boxes

If you can think of more good ways to distribute them and get their content widely used, then let me know.

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  • Can I download this somewhere or how can I get a copy of this?


  • How about a torrent-file or a .ISO download?

    Worldwide distribution of physical discs is kinda old-school :)

  • hi,

    i downloaded and installed this but it isnt supported on the x64 bit architecture.

    Any idea why is this so.


  • It is not supported due to the Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK only support 32bits


  • *Sigh* if they just had set the x86 flag for their host process the x64 people wouldn't be in trouble. No worry though its all relativly easy to work around.  

    1) Get and unpack the zipfile.

    2) Use orca ( ) to toss out the two custom actions that make the install fail. (it are the two that start with D4DA844A)

    3) Install :)

    4) Try to run it, kinda works but still gives errors trying to load 32 bit dll's into a 64 bit process. lets fix that by turning it into a 32 bit process :)

    4) Open up a 2008 commant prompt.

    5) cd to the directory where you installed and run : corflags WpfReactor.exe /32bit+

    6) Test! Ahhh all good! if they had just set their compiler options to x86 instead of Any CPU we wouldn't have to do all this.

    7) Write an email to microsoft going WTF Guys!? :)

  • Thanks Ray,

    I've passed this on to Walter and hopefully we'll get a rebuilt installer (as well as the proj file) with the x86 flag set appropriately soon.

  • Can you please share the links for downloading this?

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