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TechEd Registrations Streaming In

TechEd Registrations Streaming In

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We opened the TechEd registration flood gates a couple if weeks ago and I've just been having a look at the registration data. Proving that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Here's a little teaser:

Top 10 Names

1 David
=2 Matthew
=2 Peter
4 Paul
=5 Daniel
=5 Andrew
=5 Richard
=5 Simon
=9 Michael
=9 Stephen

Don't forget that the Early Bird offer expires on July 14 (notice how we've made it span the Financial Year so you can do the expenditure in either).

  • Dear Folk

    I've tried on many ocassions to get information on networking two computers.

    Can you help?

    Kind regards

    Doug McMurray

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