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July, 2009

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    I’m looking for a boss – is it you?


    We’re looking for a new Audience Lead at work. You will be managing many of the evangelists (including me) and marketers in DPE. This is a great  job, with great responsibility and frankly we want to ensure we get the right person for the gig.

    The formal job description can be found here.

    However, Michael Kordahi and I have put together a video to talk about what we expect from a lead. If this is you, please apply for the role or contact your friendly evangelist.

    Michael's also put together this cool Wordle in case you're more of a spatial learner.

    dpe wordle

    Here's your opportunity to join our team – this is the second-best job in the world (after mine)!

    Thanks to Mike for editing the video, doing the wordle and writing the text :)

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    TechEd Sessions Posted and some useless Stats


    Sessions Posted

    The first pass of the sessions at have been posted and if you're a delegate you can login and vote for your favourite sessions (to help us with timetabling and room allocation). Your votes will be automatically migrated to your agenda when we finalise the time and room stuff.

    If you're not yet registered (better hurry up, see below), you can still see the session catalogue which will continue to be filled in as more information is finalised.


    I was away when we announced this and I missed out on the fun of the frenzy as news got around. In case you missed it too, we announced that we're giving (yes giving) each paid delegate an HP MiniNote 2140 running the latest build of Windows 7 (and a bunch of other stuff). Captain of the NetBook ship, Nick Hodge has lots more info. He's also calling for suggestions from you as to what we can do with these to really make the experience a ripsnorter.

    Great new Blogs

    While on the subject of blogs:

    Both well worth a read.


    There's a Twitter account, @auTechEd, for all the breaking TechEd Australia news, and the hashtag for other people talking about TechEd is #auteched.

    There is a whole bunch of other social networking options on the TechEd Connect page.

    Useless Stats

    And now for some Excel fun. As I alluded to above, things are going very fast on the registration front (see the curve below) and if you're thinking of going to TechEd, now would be a good time to register (of course, if you're a member of a user group, you may want to chat to your User Group leader before you pay full price, or even the Early Bird price – 'nuf said).

    Ticket sales as a percentage of tickets sold to date

    This means that I've got a lot more stats to play with than I had last time I posted about this stuff.

    Percentage of delegates by State

    QLD 28.23%
    NSW 23.52%
    VIC 20.70%
    ACT 11.42%
    SA 6.65%
    WA 5.24%
    TAS 2.55%
    NT 0.67%
    (blank) 0.54%
    NA 0.13%
    TAURANGA 0.13%
    AUCKLAND 0.07%
    KAITAIA 0.07%
    WAIGANI 0.07%

    Top 10 Names

    David 3.70%
    Michael 3.23%
    Chris 2.22%
    Paul 2.15%
    Peter 2.08%
    John 2.02%
    Andrew 1.95%
    Mark 1.81%
    Matthew 1.61%
    Richard 1.55%

    By the way, the first lady's name comes in at equal 55th

    Simone 0.34%
    Neil 0.34%
    Carl 0.34%
    Jamie 0.34%
    Ray 0.34%
    Aaron 0.34%
    Russell 0.34%
    Brad 0.34%
    Shaun 0.34%
    Timothy 0.34%
    Glen 0.34%

    Countries Represented

    AUSTRALIA 98.86%
    NEW ZEALAND 0.60%
    (blank) 0.13%
    FIJI 0.07%
    SWEDEN 0.07%
    SRI LANKA 0.07%
    PAKISTAN 0.07%
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    New Aussie Community Blogger


    Jake Ginnivan’s been hassling me on and off with difficult VSTO questions for the last year or so. It looks like Jeremy Thake’s finally persuaded him to start blogging.

    He’s kicked off with the first post in a 2-part series

    Writing a Facebook event synchroniser for Outlook 2007+ Part 1

    Looks good so far.


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    Windows Mobile Development – Live Meeting and Competition


    Don and Dave have been running Windows Mobile development jumpstart training via Live Meeting along with James McCutcheon.

    Live Meeting 3 is coming up – Don has more details.

    In parallel to this, we’ve started the Code Mason’s Guild for mobile developers. Check it out for local initiatives, competitions and developer news.

    Finally, We’ve just opened a world-wide competition for mobile developers to be judged by the public. That is, the apps with the most downloads from Windows Mobile Marketplace and the most revenue from Windows Mobile Marketplace will be the winners in the Free and Paid categories respectively. Pretty nice prizes too.

    Check out the details on the competition home page.

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    Developer training in Darwin in August


    Got a note in may inbox over the weekend announcing some developer training happening in Darwin. I see Dave's beaten me to it, but I'll repeat here because I reckon it's worthwhile encouraging these kinds of things especially in our more … regional … locations.

    There are four courses being run, some Microsoft Official Curriculum and Readify's Professional .NET.

    All this is being hosted by local training company, Crimson Innovations

    If you live in or near Darwin or know someone who does then be sure to let them know about these training opportunities!!

    Dates Crimson Courses
    August 10-14 5 day professional .NET 3.5
    August 18-19 Visual Studio ® 2008 ASP.NET3.5 (6463A)
    August 20-21 Visual Studio ® 2008 ADO.NET 3.5 (6464A)
    August 31-September 2 Implementing a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (5061A)
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