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September, 2010

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    TechEd Australia URL Lists for downloading Videos and PowerPoint Decks


    Update 2 - 21 Sep 2010

    I've removed the lo-res wmv links because so few of them (<5) actually had videos behind them. Use the MP4 links for lo-res and WMV-High for hi-res.

    Update 21 Sep 2010

     There are now also MP4 files available. These are lower resolution than the HQ-WMV files, and therefore only about a third the file size. Note that virtually none of the lower-res wmv files are up yet (and may never be - I'm still looking for clarification from the TechEd online team on this).

    The content from this year's TechEd Australia is making its way up to TechEd Online. If you just want to watch/download one session, then it's really easy to do so from the TechEd Online site, but if you want to grab the content in batches, then the easiest way to do so is with a download manager. Thanks to this post from Brian Keller, my favourite is Free Download Manager.

    The other side of the equation is that you need a list of the URLs to set up FDM's download list. To that end, I've generated a list of the URLs for the slides, the High-quality videos and the standard quality videos. I've pivoted by track and by speaker, as well as provided a list of all the sessions.

    Note that this is an auto-generated list based on all of the breakout sessions and not all sessions are up yet nor will all of them even eventually have all three components (even though there's a link for all of them). FDM takes care of this nicely though by just telling you it can't find a file and moving onto the next one. You can even retry later to pick up any that have gone up in the meantime.


    All Sessions

    All Sessions (160 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High

    By Track

    Architecture (8 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Cloud Computing and Online Services (29 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Data Platform and BI (22 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Developer Tools, Languages and Frameworks (20 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Dynamics (4 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Keynote (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Management (13 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Office and SharePoint (20 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Security, Identity and Access (10 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Unified Communications (14 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Virtualisation (21 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Voice of the Customer (9 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Web Platform (8 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Windows Client (22 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Windows Phone/Mobility (6 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Windows Server (20 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High

    By Speaker

    (none listed) (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Adrian Deluca (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Alan Burchill (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Alan Eldridge (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Alex Mackey (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Alistair Speirs (4 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Andreas Modinger (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Andrew Coates (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Andrew Ehrensing (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Andrew Macdermott (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Anthony Borton (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Arseny Chernov (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    August de los Reyes (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ben Armstrong (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ben Fletcher (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ben Parker (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ben Walters (4 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Bill Rue (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Bob McBride (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Boyan Penev (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Brad Pidgeon (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Brad Purdy (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Braden. Voigt (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Brennon Kwok (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Brian Farnhill (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Bronwen Zande (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Catherine Eibner (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Charles Joy (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Anderson (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Auld (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Hewitt (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Jackson (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Klug (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Louloudakis (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Chris Walsh (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Colin Lee (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Corey Adolphus (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Craig Allen (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Craig Steere (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Danny Tambs (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Darren Gosbell (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Dave Muhich (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    David Robinson (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    David Connors (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    David Cramer (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    David Ford (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    David Powell (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Dimaz Pramudya (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Donald Farmer (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ed Katibah (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ed Richard (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Elaine van Bergen (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Erdal Ozkaya (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Eric Golpe (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Freddie Louwrens (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Frederique Dennison (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Gareth James (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Garth Luke (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Gayan Peiris (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Glen Gooda (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Gordon Ryan (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Graham Elliott (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Graham Jenkings (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Greg Linwood (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Greg Low (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Guy Riddle (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Hugh Tippins (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ian Mackintosh (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Ian Palangio (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jacob Maurer (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jake Ginnivan (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jakub Kaminski (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jamie Hutchins (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jamie Sharp (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jason Buffington (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jeff Alexander (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jeremy Hancock (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jeremy Moskowitz (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jeremy Thake (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Joel Pobar (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Johann Kruse (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    John O'Brien (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jon Barrett (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jonathan Lewis (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jordan Knight (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Jorke Odolphi (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Joshua Haebets (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Justin Cook (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Justin Zarb (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Kenon Owens (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Kuldip Obhan (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Kyle Rosenthal (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Leon Booth (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Lewis Benge (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Lincoln De Kalb (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Lionel Gomes Da Rosa (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Maggie Myslinska (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mahesh Krishnan (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Malcolm Sheridan (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Marc Soester (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mario D'Silva (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mark Pattie (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mark Rhodes (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Michael Clothier (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Michael Kleef (4 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Michael Kordahi (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Miha Kralj (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mike Niehaus (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mir Rosenberg (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Moe Khosravy (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Mutaz Abughazaleh (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Nicholas Blumhardt (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Nicholas Dritsas (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Nick Gunn (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Nick Randolph (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Omar Besiso (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Paul Conroy (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Paul Malgapo (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Paul McClure (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Paul Monks (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Paul Turner (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Paul Woods (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Pete Calvert (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Peter Reid (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Peter Torr (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Peter Ward (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Petri Ala-Annala (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Rab Thynne (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Rhonda Layfield (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Richard Banks (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Robert Omeley (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Rocky Heckman (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Rod Brown (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Rod Colledge (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Rolf Tesmer (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Sandy Millar (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Sanjay Soni (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Scott Schnoll (3 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Shane Morris (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Shaun Duncan (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Shimron Shimla (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Simon Raik-Allen (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Stephen Godbold (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Steven Meek (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Steven Nagy (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Tamas Horvarth (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Tatham Oddie (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Tom Hollander (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Tony Sanchez (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Wally Eastland (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Wayne Boxall (1 session) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    William Cornwill (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
    Yoni Kirsh (2 sessions) Slides MP4 WMV-High
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    Resources for Office and SharePoint Developers from my #APC2010 Session


    Last week at the Australian Partner Conference, I presented a session on "New opportunities - developing with Office 2010 and SharePoint". Due partly to the target audience and partly to time constraints, I mentioned resources rather than delving into them deeply. I promised in the session that I'd post my resources links here.

    Note that you'll soon be able to download the deck as well from the APC website.

    Visual Studio 2010/.Net Framework 4 Training Kit

    Lots of other Training Kits

    OpenXML SDK

    SharePoint 2010: Developer Platform White Paper by David Chappell

    Guidance for developing applications for SharePoint 2010

    Andrew’s Blog

    Platform Video

    Document Creation and Conversion with the OpenXML SDK and SharePoint 2010 Word Automation Services – Part 1

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    Frankly Speaking - Casting the Pod


    Frankly Speaking Logo

    Can't believe I haven't blogged about this.

    For just over nine months now, Michael Kordahi and I have been producing a Podcast called Frankly Speaking. It's hard to believe we've recorded just over a session per week for 41 weeks. We've had a bunch of great guests and we generally just chat about current tech things with a bit of a Microsoft bent.

    You can subscribe to the feed here or via iTunes here.

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    Australian Tech.Ed Locknote Factoids


    This year at TechEd Australia (aka #auteched) the locknote was delivered by Miha Kralj, Director in the office of the CTO. The session was entitled "How IT is changing us and our future" and was delivered using a very cool style called PechaKucha – 20 slides, each on the screen for 20 seconds. Miha actually delivered 5 x 20 slides, an introduction and then a section based loosely on each of the four TechEd themes – Learn, Connect, Explore and Evolve.

    Miha Kralj, Director in the office of the CTOThe style features information overload, with each slide having at least two, and sometimes as many as four separate but complementary pieces of information appearing during the 20 seconds. Common things in Miha's presentation were a scrolling factoid across the bottom of the slide and a "Book worth reading" recommendation that appeared at about the 10 second mark.

    Due to popular demand and with Miha's permission, I've compiled the factoids and book recommendations from his deck. The recording of the session itself will be available from TechEd Online some time in the very near future.

    Books worth reading

    Guy Kawasaki: Reality Check

    Byron Acohido, Jon Swartz: Zero Day Threat

    Elting E. Morison: Men, Machines, and Modern Times

    Robert Fulghum: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

    Janis Fisher Chan: E-Mail: How to Write and Manage E-Mail in the Workplace

    Dan Heath: Made to Stick

    Tim O'Reilly, Sarah Milstein: The Twitter Book

    Brian McWilliams, Allen Noren: Spam Kings

    Don Tapscott: Grown up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World

    Guy Kawasaki: The Art of the Start

    Nancy Duarte: Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations


    Michael E. Gerber: E-Myth Revisited

    Clayton M. Christensen: The Innovator’s Solution

    Malcolm Gladwell: Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

    Thomas Kelley: The Art of Innovation

    Phil Baker: From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money

    David Weinberger: Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder

    Stephanie Chandler: From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur

    Jonathan Boehman, David Weigelt: Dot Boom: Marketing to Baby Boomers

    Bjorn Renneus Guthrie: Tomorrow We are Driving Computers Which Look Like Cars

    Sandy Berger: Great Age Guide to Gadgets & Gizmos

    Russ Unger, Carolyn Chandler: A Project Guide to UX Design

    James H. Gilmore, Joseph B. Pine: Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want


    Chris Anderson: The Long Tail

    Clara Shih: The Facebook Era

    Dianne Sweeney: Kissing Frogs In Cyberspace


    Michael Erbschloe, John Vacca: Net Privacy

    Peter F. Drucker: Management Challenges for the 21st Century

    Richard Florida: The Rise of the Creative Class

    Peter Yellowlees MD: Your Health In The Information Age

    Don Tapscott: Wikinomics

    Jeff Howe: Crowdsourcing


    Valerie Landau: The Engelbart Hypothesis: dialogs with Douglas Engelbart

    Scrolling Factoids

    For each completed evaluation form Microsoft will donate $1 to the IT Fund for Kids - a Starlight Foundation initiative.

    Only 35 minutes to go before prize giving starts! Yay!

    By 2014 more than 45% of new workloads will be delivered through Cloud Computing

    The top 10 Web sites accounted 31 percent of all pageviews in 2001, 40 percent in 2006, and about 75 percent in 2010.

    Does information value of 50MB of YouTube kittens equal a 5MB NYT article?

    Mobile phone is a million times cheaper, 100,000 times smaller and 1,000 times faster than MIT computer in 1965.

    There are 60 mobile phones per 100 people – more than 4 billion total.

    More than 76% of 159 million adults in US pay their bills online.

    Japan has the highest concentration of fax machines: 93 per 1,000 people.

    3.4 billion text messages are sent each day in the US – on average 357 messages per month.

    247 billion emails are sent each day – that’s 527 million since this presentation started.

    73% of senior citizens (60+ years old) in US utilize the Internet on a regular basis.

    Statistically there is over 7% chance that someone just twitted about this session.

    81% of all global email traffic is spam – up from 61% in year 2005.

    Average US household upgrades all electronics in the house every 3.5 years.

    Internet in 2010 is estimated to be over 7 exabytes large – that’s 7 million terabytes.

    A typical Pecha Kucha night includes eight to fourteen presentations of 20 slides each, 20 seconds per slide.

    The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet based on how the internet is described in computer network diagrams


    Birthday of PC is August 12, 1981, when IBM introduced model number 5150,

    IBM XT (1983) ran @ 4.77 MHz. Laptops today run @ 3,060.00 MHz.

    Smartphones with touch screens account 55% of 166 million units sold in 2009.

    Average American watches more than 4 hrs of TV per day (that is 2 months per year).

    Video games target at least 40 hours of focused entertainment per game per user.

    Wii Fit surpassed sales of Halo 3 and became $1B business in 4 months.

    47% of TV viewers in US would pay for ad-less broadcasting of content.

    Fastest txting is 160-character SMS in 41.52 seconds – more than 4 chars per second!

    On Christmas 2009 Amazon sold more kindle e-books than paper books for the first time.

    Japan is the largest market for new gadgets with over 65 million active gadget users.

    Microsoft SYNC sales in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury line-up exceeded 1 million users in 2009.

    US stats: 58 Million overweight; 40 Million obese; 3 Million morbidly obese.

    Voice recognition software has recognition accuracy at 98.5% - still not enough for a mass adoption.

    Nokia manufactures 13 (non-smart) mobile phones every second.

    Mobile phone penetration in Kenya and Tanzania will hit 100% before 2013.

    mPesa has 8.3 million active users – that’s 21% of entire Kenyan population.

    The number of devices that are connected to the Internet is expected to pass the 5 billion milestone later this month.


    Netcraft survey from March 2010 measured response from 206 million internet sites.

    Internet is transferring over 2,000 PB (Petabytes) of information per month.

    Cisco Nexus switch can move all Wikipedia content in 0.001 seconds.

    Facebook aggregates 40 Gbps backhaul traffic per server cabinet into its network core.

    Stocks of data center providers are performing well above the IT industry average.

    On average, Akamai serves 1.5 million simultaneous media streams through its CDN network.

    32-bit IP address space can address 4,294,967,295 possible combinations.

    IANA Pool exhaustion: October 2011. RIR pool exhaustion: August 2012.

    As of 2010, IPv6 readiness is not considered in most consumer purchasing decisions.

    Today there are only 4 home routers on the market that are IPv6 ready.

    The size of Internet was roughly 5 million terabytes of data. That was in 2009.

    Every 2 months YouTube gets more content than all TV networks produced since 1950.

    There are over 250 million unique daily visitors to Facebook.

    Over 380 couples that met online get married or engaged every day.

    Folding@home is the most powerful distributed computer, sustaining 6.3 petaflops.

    Human brain processing speed is estimated between 100 teraflops and 100 petaflops.

    Garry Kasparov can examine approximately three positions per second. Deep Blue can compare200 million pps.

    Studies show that automation increases production up to million times with deterministic quality control.

    87% of surveyed IT vendors declared that their solutions are ready for the cloud.


    Information anxiety is produced by the ever-widening gap between what we understand and what we think we should understand.

    Over 90% of young people have online access, up from 75% in 2000.

    In only 4 days Fox Home Entertainment sold 6.7 million DVD and Blu-ray units of Avatar

    Organic food market grows 18% per year, topping $30 billion in 2009.

    More than 15 million American adults suffer from Social anxiety disorders.

    Only 32% of Facebook users customize their privacy settings.

    85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate.

    Deep web (non-indexed web) is estimated to be 500 times bigger than visible web.

    86% of technology professionals claim that they understand how encryption protects the data.

    Human knowledge doubles every 3-4 years according to sociology research.

    The term Knowledge Worker was first coined in 1959 by Peter Drucker.

    There are over 130 years of recorded lectures available freely on the internet.

    66% of 16,000 students from 31 top US universities admitted to have cheated at least once.

    There are currently 1,116,967 lawyers practicing in the United States.

    Over 22 million legal documents from various legislations are available online.

    Average tuition for public medical school in US is $25,000 per each year of study.

    Average age of medical doctor in US is 47 – that means they studied medicine at least 20 years ago.

    MBA graduate is expected to get on average 17.5% higher salary than non-MBA manager.

    Companies that used crowdsourcing shortened development for 14% and lowered the cost for 35%.

    There are over 18.000 active offers of products and services for $5 on


    Nearly every aspect of our life is changing due to impact of Information Technology.

    US kids spend on average no more than 2.5 h on week and 6.2 h on weekend with their father.

    The national graduation rate in US is 71%; up to 85% of US population has high school diploma.

    Top universities: Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Cambridge, MIT, Caltech, Columbia, Princeton, Chicago, Oxford

    Studies less than decade old: New Media, Biotech, Organic Agriculture, Homeland Security, e-Business, Nanotechnology.

    95% of all songs downloaded in 2009 were not paid for.

    Over 1,000,000 books are published this year; that’s over 114 books during this presentation.

    In 2009, 42% of all hotel bookings were generated over the Internet.

    In 2009 US travel sales booked online reached $135 billion.

    In 2008 campaign Obama raised $55,000,000 in 29 days through online social networks.

    More people play online games than are prepared to go out and vote.

    Zopa was the first P2P money lending company, linking lenders and borrowers directly.

    Since the economy collapse, small private investors are still shy to invest through large brokers.

    Estimated 4.7 million Americans uses prescription drugs non-medically.

    Up to 80% of CAT scans created in US are transferred in real-time to India for an expert opinion.

    Research shows that genetic factors can significantly alter response to drugs.

    Intelligence amplification refers to the effective use of information technology in augmenting human intelligence.

    By 2014, over 40% of new spend, over 45% of new workloads and over 25% of total workloads will use the Cloud Computing.

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