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  • Blog Post: Ramp yourself up with Ramp Up

    I know, getting training budget is hard at the moment, but you really want to make yourself as employable as possible. Help is at hand (in fact, it’s only a mouse click away). There are, of course, a whole bunch of Virtual Labs you can do (for developers and for infrastructure people ). There’s also...
  • Blog Post: Events & more Events – a retrospective

    Fin asked me to write this week’s MSDN Flash editorial, so I did. In case you missed it, here it is. By the way, if you don’t subscribe to the flash, you should :). Sign up today ! It's been a real time for me with events. First the PDC in Los Angeles with over 6,000 developers (in case you missed it...
  • Blog Post: FREE LINQ to SQL Training in Sydney Nov 8th

    Local MCT Deepak Kapoor is running a Free LINQ to SQL training day in the Microsoft Training Lab at North Ryde 10am – 4pm on Saturday Nov 8. With .NET Framework 3.5 Microsoft released LINQ which allows developers to write queries against various data sources using a unified approach. These data sources...
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