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  • Blog Post: Storytelling - A Moth-eaten theme

    One of the most effective ways to get a message, any message, across is to use stories. For some reason the human brain appears to be wired to be good at remembering and regurgitating stories. I like to begin presentations with a story that’s somehow relevant and am always on the lookout for a good story...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 on my Mac Mini

    Back in the day, Dave and I bought (intel) Mac Minis (there was a retail outlet which had apparently decided to stop selling them and they were going pretty cheap). It’s been my main Vista machine at home for 18 months or so now (running bootcamp), I never boot into OSX, the machine was a member of my...
  • Blog Post: Walking the Walk

    I love my job – not least because much of the time this is my office. All made possible via the magic of wireless and mobile devices. Speaking of walking, I was on the way back from the Gym the other day and spotted this – I didn’t know we’d branched out quite this far …
  • Blog Post: Machinations

    Just trying out a new look. After my plan comes to fruition, I should be ready to subsume the brand .
  • Blog Post: Recognising Talent

    <disclaimer>If it's not obvious from the content, I have a personal interest in this post</disclaimer> I was going to thinly disguise this post as a follow on from Frank 's ASP.NET Site of the {insert time period here} , but I'm just going to boast. Telstra's Business Women's Awards have...
  • Blog Post: New Non-Technical Blogs

    My OPML is full of many of Australia's top technical people, but there are also a few non-technical people that I love reading (Dilbert's Scott Adams is always great value for example). Here are a couple of new ones I've added: Michele Connolly's How To Be Happy blog (as pointed out by Craig Bailey ...
  • Blog Post: WPF? Pah!

    I'm sitting in Joseph Cooney's (excellent) session on WPF at CodeCampOz , and it seems to me that the canonical demo of WPF is an animated button bouncing around a form. Of course, this is something VFP has been able to do for ever: ************************************************** *-- Form: form1...
  • Blog Post: The pyramid expands

    Darren 's been tagged and, in turn, has passed it on to me. When I was chatting a couple of weeks ago with my new colleague Michael Kordahi , he said that he had a completely different impression of me reading my blog from what he got by talking to me, so here are 5 things you may not know about me....
  • Blog Post: The Haiku Hits Keep On Coming

    Tech•Ed looms ever nearer Consumes all my time See you on the other side If you need a Tech•Ed Haiku for your OOF , see Dave in the Dev'Garten - he's offered to write you one .
  • Blog Post: Logo Generator

    I had to go (dot) one better than Frank :)
  • Blog Post: HP 6365 in the USA - another blonde moment.

    Susan is not the only one to have a blond moment with a phone recently. I brought my iPAQ 6365 Pocket PC Smart Phone to TechReady here in Seattle and ducked into the local T-Mobile shop for a pre-paid SIM (as a company policy, we don’t do global roaming). All good so far. The blurb said that...
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