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June, 2003

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    Sql Server Security White Paper

    There is a new Sql Server Security best practices white paper . Nothing specific on SqlXml/ HTTP access (yet) – but definitely worth a read.  And I was able to peruse the entire paper while listening to the 23 minute version of “Whole ...
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    SqlXml and IIS 6.0/ Windows Server 2003

      There is a known problem with pre sp2 of SqlXml WR3 when running with IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003).   Basically, SqlXml virtual directories do not work properly when using the “Configure IIS Support” tool to set up SqlXml virtual...
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    Sub-tree pruning

    While preparing my talk for Teched, I figured out a trick for getting simple sub-tree pruning when running XPath queries via SqlXml.   Sub-tree pruning is the ability to filter sub-trees of an Xml hierarchy.   For example, let’s say I had...
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    (hot) Teched

    Greetings from Teched at Dallas , Texas – where the weather forecast is HOT. I am here to do a talk on SqlXml , however, that talk is not till Friday – so it will give me plenty of time to take in some other talks , and work...
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