PDC 2003 has come and gone.  Some quick highlights and observations of the conference:


The conference began with a red moon on Sunday night caused by the California forest fires.  Not sure exactly what the symbolic meaning was, I will have to think about that.


Karl Malone stayed at our hotel.  We saw him waiting for a town car to the Laker opener.


I met the developer of the Google toolbar after one of the Xml talks.  The poor guy had to put up with several Microsofties asking about the toolbar.  I will have to drop him a note to make sure we answered his questions.


LA has multiple down towns, very strange.


The "Ask the Experts" night session was far too short.  We however had a Sql Server lounge where the experts hung out during all conference hours.  This was a good idea, but had poor logistics since no one could find it.  I look forward to fixing this at TechEd.


People like the new managed SqlXml stack and ObjectSpaces beyond my expectations.  Now we need to deliver and get the right information out there.


You really can hold a BOL session at 11 PM and have people show up.


Nothing ROXs like Data ROXs.


The best thing about PDC being over is that I can finally speak publicly about the technologies I have been working on for the last three years. So let's start talking about the XMLADAPTER, THREE PART MAPPING and (my current project) OBJECTSPACES!