From the Post-PDC 2003, feedback there seems to be a number of fallacies circulating about ObjectSpaces.  I have attempted to answer of few of those below:

ObjectSpaces is a thin layer over

ObjectSpaces utilizes the SqlClient support of to query and persist to Sql Server, it however does not use the Dataset in any way.


ObjectSpaces does not provide a ObjectServer or a caching mechanism.

ObjectSpaces is designed to be a low level component like the stack.  It therefore does not implement any sort of server architecture for three tier and/ or distributed applications.  However, the components have been designed with these sort of scenarios in mind so just like Datasets, users who want to build this infrastructure with .net and ObjectSpaces will find the task rather straight forward.


Span can only be specified at design time.

Actually it can be specified at both design time and runtime.


MBF will not use ObjectSpaces

The opposite is true, MBF will be built upon ObjectSpaces and will fully utilize ObjectSpaces as its Entity persistence layer.


ObjectSpaces will not support inheritance

Actually all three of common O-R inheritance scenarios are supported.  1)  Single table with type discriminator 2) One table per type And 3) One table per concrete type.


ObjectSpaces and the new managed SqlXml are two entirely different products.

Actually, the products share common mapping/ query/ persistence engines and the teams work very closely on the sharing ideas and features.  In fact several of us of worked on both technologies.