Hello All - since this is my first post on http://weblogs.asp.net since moving from the gotdotnet blogging site, I decided to revive my original “introduction” post. 

My name is Andrew Conrad, I am a Software Design Engineer with the Sql Server group at Microsoft.  I have been working on the ObjectSpaces product over the past year.  Before that I worked on SqlXml for a number of years.  If I had to characterize my background, it would be databases and data access technologies.  In fact, I have worked on just about every Microsoft Data Access technology at one time or another.

I will be utilizing this Blog to share some examples, hints, FAQs, and other minutia about SqlXml and ObjectSpaces.  I may also occasionally ramble on about movies, snow sports, golf, Owen Wilson, 80’s music, and Mathematics – but I will try to stay “on topic” as much as possible.

One other note – I am a Pacific Northwest native and have come to realize that after 33 years that I truly hate the weather here.