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February, 2004

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    Dino on ObjectSpaces

    Dino Esposito has a nice introduction to ObjectSpaces on MSDN . Not particularly in depth, but is an excellent introduction to the API and mapping syntax.
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    Bare Bones Sql versus OR (?)

    I have to say I disagree with Ingo’s comments about preferring “ bare bones Sql ” over O/R mapping technology. IMO, the two topics are orthogonal. Data Access is all about solving high level use cases. There are no rules out there...
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    Death, Taxes and Relation Databases, The Sequel

    The ExtremeXml article has finally been completed and posted. According to the article summary, this is the second in the series of articles. I had not planned on a third part – but I guess I might have to do it now. I do have some ideas about generalizing...
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    Last week I was visiting Fargo to do some work with the Microsoft Business Frameworks team. In the weeks leading up to the visit, our co-workers in North Dakota harassed us Redmond’ites with a variety of emails explaining how cold it had become...
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