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April, 2004

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    Ramblings about POCO*, transparency and delayed load.

    As someone pointed out, I have been referring to ObjectSpaces as supporting true POCO – which is technically incorrect. ObjectSpaces does prescribe the usage of ObjectHolder and ObjectList for delayed load cases (more of the merits of delayed loading...
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    Talk ideas and dinner?

    I am giving a talk at TechEd 2004 which we have never given before called: DAT380 Building Applications with ADO.NET ObjectSpaces Friday, May 28 9:00 AM- 10:15 AM Speaker(s): Andrew Conrad Track(s): Data Management, Developer Tools and...
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    Orthogonal to Orthogonal

    I think Ralf post about “ Should object persistence really be thought of as orthogonal functionality?” is orthogonal to the real problem that ObjectSpaces is trying to solve. It seems his overall point is that by allowing any domain objects...
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    Data Access Panel at TechEd 2004

    I will be hosting a Data Access discussion panel at TechEd 2004: DATPNL Data Access Round Table Thursday, May 27 11:45 AM- 12:30 PM The following people will be participating in the panel discussion: Mark Fussell – Lead Program...
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    Richard Feynman - part II

    Todd Lefor , a fellow Microsoftie and a proud North Dakotan, has alerted me to a movie all about Richard Feynman. Although it looks a little heavy on the romance and significantly too light on the science, it might be watchable. Although it is hard to...
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    O/R BOF talk

    Scott Bellware has proposed a Object/ Relational birds-of-a-feather talk for TechEd 2004. If you are interested, please make sure you vote for the topic. Based on the strong showing for the same topic at PDC, this talk should be quite lively.
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    Doug Kenney

    A (long) interesting article about Doug Kenney, the creator and co- writer of one of the greatest comedies ever. I would not consider it a “cult” classic though (as portrayed by the article), unless you consider every one under seventy who...
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