I am giving a talk at TechEd 2004 which we have never given before called:


DAT380  Building Applications with ADO.NET ObjectSpaces

Friday, May 28 9:00 AM- 10:15 AM

Speaker(s): Andrew Conrad

Track(s): Data Management, Developer Tools and Technologies

Traditionally, object oriented business objects and relational databases have differing ways of structuring data. As a result of this impedance mismatch, developers are forced to develop a layer of Object-to-Relational "plumbing" code between their business logic and the database access layers. To solve this common data access scenario, Microsoft is developing an Object-to-Relational data access framework called ADO.NET ObjectSpaces. Learn how ObjectSpaces allows the developer to query, modify or persist their CLR business objects without being concerned with the underlying structure of the relational data store. Building on session DAT301 (Object-relational mapping Using ADO.NET ObjectSpaces), this talk will concentrate on demonstrating how ObjectSpaces can be utilized to solve real challenges faced by enterprise application developers.


I general, I have some ideas about content for the talk, but am open to suggestions.  My overall goal for the talk is to discuss the challenges facing the developer in enterprise scenarios, and talk about how one can use ObjectSpaces to solve those scenarios.  More importantly, I want to give example of common design patterns I see developers having to utilize as the “glue” between ObjectSpaces and their Domain Models.


In addition, let me know if there is any interest in setting up an ObjectSpaces user group dinner at TechEd.