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May, 2004

  • Man vs Code

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I will be posting more about the changes to the ObjectSpaces release plans in the near future- but in the mean time, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that we are willing to listen to any and all feedback about the changes. The following lists...
  • Man vs Code

    You've lost that lovin' feeling

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bar where several scenes from Top Gun were filmed is right accross the street from my hotel in San Diego. I will be making a official visit tonight with several of my wingmen. If I had one of those “100...
  • Man vs Code

    Updated alias for ObjectSpaces delay and general O/R feedback

    Sorry... but it appears I have been giving out the wrong alias in my blog and at the O/R BOF as TechEd. The correct one is: . Please feel free to utilize this alias for any feedback, questions or concerns you might have about the...
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