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December, 2004

  • Man vs Code

    XSD gripe 2 – DataType hell

    I know I am just the latest in a long line of people to “comment” on this subject – but I just wanted to give my two cents. I appreciate the fact that the XSD designers wanted to vastly enrich my datatype life. But why come up with a bunch of built-in...
  • Man vs Code

    The 12 days of XSD gripes – Gripe 1

    Ok… before, I get started – a little background. I am basically now on my second dance with XSD. Back a couple of years ago I was working with it extensively as part of the SqlXml effort – particularly around the mapping technologies at that time. Then...
  • Man vs Code

    Fowler - The King

    For the IoC amateurs (like myself) out there - Fowler has a very good introduction using the style of P of EAA. Also, some very good updates to P of EAA here . The amazing thing is this guy writes stuff faster then I can grok it.
  • Man vs Code

    O/R redux

    One of the big conversations that has been going on for some time in the Java world is how prescriptive container frameworks such as EJB and Spring should be. It is fairly well known, that for O/R mapping frameworks the same conversation exists since...
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