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January, 2005

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    Is anyone really buying this?

    A data layer is all about abstracting the explicit boundary between the application/ domain model and the persistence datasource. Although this boundary can never be totally transparent, the data layer does its best to expose the persistence data in a...
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    Washington Ski Season - DOA

    Because of the infamous "Pineapple Express", the Washington ski season has basically ended. See for yourself . This has been the worst season in my lifetime. However, we do have water rationing to look forward to this summer.
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    Note enough commute time

    About a 1 ½ years ago, I decided to purchase an iPod and get a membership with (which I highly recommend) in an effort to “read” more. Since the birth of my second child in mid-2003, my amount of free leisure time had been drastically cut...
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    XSD gripe 3 - Substitution groups

    I may be missing something here, but I really don't understand what problem/ scenarios the substitution group feature is trying to solve. I am unclear why Substitution groups are even needed. If an element Foo is the same type or a derived type of an...
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