Apparently – I went public, or at least my blog did.  And let me tell you, I didn’t make a cent off it.  I guess that all went to the investment bankers.


Bryant Likes, our SQLXML MVP from a couple of years ago, bought up all the shares of my blog.  I guess that means he runs the board, etc.  It is unclear to me what my role is now with respect to my blog.   Really feels like I am just the blog founder being pushed off to the side and who doesn’t get to say squat about the daily operations of my blog.  Makes me think I shouldn’t have gone public in the first place.


And what really bothers me is my drastic drop of my share price over the summer.  Am I really doing that much of a disservice to my shareholder?  Perhaps I should just resign now… or perhaps a quick link from Scoble or at least Dare could help my share price temporarily.  Then I will have time to figure out the long term vision and business plan for my blog.