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April, 2007

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    Project Astoria

    In addition to Project Jasper , the ADO.NET team is also releasing a second incubation project at Mix07 called Astoria. Project Astoria is the brainchild of Pablo Castro, resident System.Data expert and probably the best live demo giver I have ever seen...
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    Project Jasper!

    At the Mix07 conference this week, we will be announcing Project Jasper – aka Dynamic Available immediately is the initial CTP (Community Technology Preview) release for the project. What is Project Jasper? Here is the high level description...
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    'foo' is a 'variable' but is used like a 'method'

    Over the last several months, because of my current project I have had to program in a bunch of different languages. (The reason for this will become crystal clear early next week). Basically, I have had to code in C#, VB, and IronPython while at the...
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    Deus ex machina

    As I am sure a lot of people have heard, Kurt Vonnegut passed away yesterday. He is easily my favorite author of all time. I still vividly remember reading Cat’s Cradle when I was a sophomore in high school and just being astonished by the unique combination...
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    The Mix 07 talk has been posted for what I have been working on for the last year: Rapidly Building Data Driven Web Pages with Dynamic ADO.NET Speaker(s): Samuel Druker - Microsoft, Shyam Pather - Microsoft Audience(s): Developer Come learn about how...
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