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January, 2008

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    Pathetic Plea for help

    A number of people have asked me for a VB version of the CopyToDataTable<T> sample I wrote a few months back.   Unfortunately, between getting some skiing in (lots of snow in Washington this year!) and getting Astoria ready for Mix, I...
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    Updated Astoria Silverlight client now available

    The updated Astoria Silverlight client is now available . This client is 95% compatible with the client library we released back in the December CTP (we hope to make this 100% source code compatible by RTM) + works with the latest Silverlight 1.1 Alpha...
  • Man vs Code

    VB version of CopyToDataTable<T>

    Matthew Wills ported my original C# CopyToDataTable<T> Linq operator to VB . According to him, he used Instant VB to convert the code from C# to VB and then hand tweaked it. Looks like a fairly cool tool that we could use to port our C# unit tests...
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    Project Astoria Links for 1/15/08

    Michael Sync has written a sample using the new Astoria Silverlight client library. David Hayden posted a nice walk through for getting an Data Service up and running over Linq To Sql. Our own Macelo Ruiz talks about some tweaks we made to the Astoria...
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    Astoria offsite

    Last Wednesday we had a very important offsite for the entire Project Astoria team: Many key technical issues were discussed. In fact, the entire team was quite spent after a long, hard day.
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