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  • Blog Post: Stop, Drop, and Roll

    A couple of weeks ago, I made a post that I thought some sort of client side data structure, which was designed to store projections of a domain model instances (both in memory and persisted in a data store), was a necessary part of any O/R framework. My conjecture was that this was required due to the...
  • Blog Post: Dataworks now has a group blog

    My current group now has a team Blog: Alyssa Henry, our product unit manager provided a good description of the technologies which it will cover.
  • Blog Post: Nix the DataSet??????

    Some interesting comments from my entry on new DataSet features… Please nix the DataSet from the framework entirely and re-focus on the domain-oriented data access work you were doing prior to Tech-Ed 04. If that's not possible, please have the Visual Studio team desist from distracting .NET culture...
  • Blog Post: DataSet feature requests

    We have begun the initial planning for the next version of the DataSet (post VS 2005). If you have a feature you would like to see, let me know. I can also pass on feature requests for other components in System.Xml and to the proper folks.
  • Blog Post: Everybody's favorite topic - NULL

    In V1 of .net, value types could not be null. Since, this was contradictory to relational databases use of null, the DataSet needed to have a concept of nullable value types – hence DBNull was invented. DBNull is simple type in the System namespace. It does not have a constructor, but a static method...
  • Blog Post: Dataset performance improvements in frameworks V2

    System.Data.DataSet contains some very significant performance improvements over prior versions – particularly for large result set scenarios. In particular, Highly efficient Binary Remoting -- For large Dataset, orders of magnitude better than v1.x Row Insert, Delete and Modify operations – For large...
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