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  • Blog Post: 'foo' is a 'variable' but is used like a 'method'

    Over the last several months, because of my current project I have had to program in a bunch of different languages. (The reason for this will become crystal clear early next week). Basically, I have had to code in C#, VB, and IronPython while at the same time I have been trying learning Haskell and...
  • Blog Post: Iceman lives

    Via Michael Brundage (the man without a blog):,,50001-1174806,00.html
  • Blog Post: The Next Karate Kid

    Maybe this movie was better then first thought? With two time oscar winner Hillary Swank + I am sure Pat Morita is right on the cusp of something big. It seems like with the big oscar win for Eastwood with Million Dollar Baby – that he should have to return his "original lifetime achievement" award ...
  • Blog Post: The wrong Farrell to play Sonny Crockett.

    When I first saw the headline , I mistakenly thought the fine actor Will Ferrell had been hired to play Crockett. I wonder if the soundtrack is going to have any Phil Collins or Glen Frey songs… somehow I doubt it.
  • Blog Post: Washington Ski Season - DOA

    Because of the infamous "Pineapple Express", the Washington ski season has basically ended. See for yourself . This has been the worst season in my lifetime. However, we do have water rationing to look forward to this summer.
  • Blog Post: Note enough commute time

    About a 1 ½ years ago, I decided to purchase an iPod and get a membership with (which I highly recommend) in an effort to “read” more. Since the birth of my second child in mid-2003, my amount of free leisure time had been drastically cut and hence my reading time had become almost non-existence...
  • Blog Post: Fowler - The King

    For the IoC amateurs (like myself) out there - Fowler has a very good introduction using the style of P of EAA. Also, some very good updates to P of EAA here . The amazing thing is this guy writes stuff faster then I can grok it.
  • Blog Post: Back in the Saddle

    It has been a while since I blogged, almost three months. So what have I been up to – well actually quite a bit. I have left the WinFS client API team and moved back to my old group (formally the WebData team) now called Dataworks. To make a long story short, they needed some last minute work done for...
  • Blog Post: 1984

    Just picked up Van Halen's 1984 album off iTunes on what is roughly the 20th anniversary of the original release. Actually, this is the second time I have bought the album, but I lost the cassette tape years ago. For those of you lacking in-depth knowledge of 80's music, this was the album which made...
  • Blog Post: Dodgeball: A True underdog story - comes out tomorrow

    See here . I am wondering what the other four best picture nominees are going to be this year.
  • Blog Post: Everyone's problem

    David - you're dangerous.
  • Blog Post: You've lost that lovin' feeling

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bar where several scenes from Top Gun were filmed is right accross the street from my hotel in San Diego. I will be making a official visit tonight with several of my wingmen. If I had one of those “100 things I want to do in my life” lists...
  • Blog Post: Doug Kenney

    A (long) interesting article about Doug Kenney, the creator and co- writer of one of the greatest comedies ever. I would not consider it a “cult” classic though (as portrayed by the article), unless you consider every one under seventy who plays golf part of a cult.
  • Blog Post: being irrational

    Starsky and Hutch comes out Friday. For better or worse, in my opinion this film is going to be a “classic”, although I really have no choice but to say so. A little background here: a few years ago I was heard saying that "All Owen Wilson movies are classics." Now although I probably had...
  • Blog Post: Cold

    Last week I was visiting Fargo to do some work with the Microsoft Business Frameworks team. In the weeks leading up to the visit, our co-workers in North Dakota harassed us Redmond’ites with a variety of emails explaining how cold it had become. Since I have now experienced -22 Fahrenheit (or feels...
  • Blog Post: My blog is moving

    Like everyone else on my blog is moving.  Here is the new link .  Hopefully this will be the last move.  
  • Blog Post: Michael Lewis homepage

    In an item of interest only to myself and a couple of other Michael Lewis apologists I work with.  I found his homepage , which although being mediocre at best, has never the less been given a permanent bookmark in my browser.   Read "Moneyball" - it will change your life. ...
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