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June, 2007

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    6/29 Acropolis Post Round up [Kathy Kam]

    This week, before I post the blogs.. I want to mention the interview David , Nathan and myself did with Richard and Carl at .NET Rocks ! Check it out here: Introducing Acropolis What I like about Acropolis by NickMalik What I find promising...
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    Acropolis customer post round up [Kathy Kam]

    The Buzz on Acropolis - Toronto,Canada However, with Acropolis , Microsoft will ship it as an add-in to Visual Studio with its own design surfaces. Still up for discussion is support for the ... WPF: Acropolis Transitions by mdavey If you...
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    Acropolis Team post round up... [KathyKam]

    Starting this week, I am going to round up all the Acropolis posts (both from the team and from our customers) so that this team blog can be your one stop shop for all Acropolis related content! This post will contain all the post that was posted before...
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    Acropolis on the Intern-net! [David Poll]

    Hello, world! My name is David Poll, a student from UC Berkeley (although I call Southern California, Orange County more specifically, my home). At the moment, I’m doing my second internship with the Acropolis team. Last summer, I came to this team while...
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    Extending the Notepad sample with a Web Browser View [Ricky Tan]

    The purpose of this post is to show just how easy it is to create additional views with Acropolis to extend the functionality of an application. The application shown here is the Notepad sample included as part of Acropolis CTP1. What the WebBrowserView...
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    Welcome To Acropolis!

    Welcome to the Acropolis Team Blog! If you build client applications, especially business focused line-of-business applications, on .NET then we hope that you'll find Acropolis useful and interesting. We're very excited to have released our first...
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