Hello, world!  My name is David Poll, a student from UC Berkeley (although I call Southern California, Orange County more specifically, my home).  At the moment, I’m doing my second internship with the Acropolis team.  Last summer, I came to this team while Acropolis was still at its earliest stages.  It was practically just an idea.  I had an incredible time, learning about industry and how things tick over here, all while helping to figure out what Acropolis was going to be.  And now I’m back, from outer space (well, Berkeley, but close enough!), just in time for our CTP1 release!  It’s been a hectic and exciting few weeks around here since I arrived, but we made it!

Anyhow, for a long while, I’ve been keeping quiet about this project, but no longer!  Now that we’ve released CTP1, it’s not a secret anymore!  Along those same lines, part of my role this summer will be to help get you acquainted with Acropolis.  And how, pray tell, will I do this?  Well, we’ve got a series of screencasts that we’re preparing for you that will introduce the many features of Acropolis to the world.  The screencasts will be recorded by a number of us on the team, ranging from David Hill (who was my internship mentor last summer) to Kathy Kam(my manager this summer), and you’ll probably even hear a little from me!  I welcome you to stay tuned and watch for the screencasts as they are produced.  There may be only a few rght now, but you can certainly expect to see more soon!

Throughout the summer, I’ll be around.  You may see me on the forums, giving screencasts, posting blogs, etc.  I hope you’ll join me in welcoming and exploring Acropolis.  Be sure to check out our windowsclient.net page, too, where you’ll be able to download Acropolis, sound off in the forums, and learn more about how Acropolis works!

In the meantime…

This has been an Acropolis Intern report.  Signing out,


P.S. Go Bears!



Acropolis Screencasts: http://windowsclient.net/learn/videos.aspx#Acropolis+Videos

Acropolis on WindowsClient.net: http://windowsclient.net/Acropolis

Download Acropolis: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=72386CE5-F206-4D5C-AB09-413B5F31F935&displaylang=en

Acropolis Forums on MSDN: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=1638&SiteID=1

My Screencasts:

Using Acropolis PartPanes: http://windowsclient.net/learn/video.aspx?v=4224

Using the Acropolis Designer: http://windowsclient.net/learn/video.aspx?v=4223