Starting this week, I am going to round up all the Acropolis posts (both from the team and from our customers) so that this team blog can be your one stop shop for all Acropolis related content!

This post will contain all the post that was posted before this week from our team and Patterns and Practices. On Friday, I will post all the Acropolis related content from our customers and partners. Starting next week, I will post the round up from both the team and our customers every week. If you have any posts. Contact me directly from and I'll get you posted!

David Hill:
Introducing Acropolis...
The Top 5 Acropolis Questions At TechEd
Acropolis TechEd Q1: What is Acropolis and what can I do with it
Acropolis TechEd Q2: Cool Aplications with little or no code! Really? Are you sure?
Three New Acropolis Videos Available!

Kathy Kam:
Introduction to Acropolis Layouts
Secret Themes in "Acropolis"

Ricky Tan:
Extending the Acropolis Notepad sample with a Web Browser View

Dennis Dietrich:
Debugging of and error handling for synchronous Commands
The Parts Portal's Dependency Resolver and the Factory Pipeline
Acropolis' "Hello World"
Extending the Notepad sample with a Web Browser View - VB.NET Edition

Brad Abrams: 
Hello Acropolis!
Some common Acroplis questions
Bonus Acropolis Information: Video, Live docs and More!
Acropolis CPU\Memory Watcher

Glenn Block:
Acropolis, the future of Smart Client