This week, before I post the blogs.. I want to mention the interview David, Nathan and myself did with Richard and Carl at .NET Rocks! Check it out here: Introducing Acropolis 

What I like about Acropolis by NickMalik  
What I find promising: an Acropolis part can essentially consume a SOA service, allowing the composition of process and activity services to be as simple as snapping parts onto a surface. This is not particularly new from a software ...
My First Acropolis Impressions  by Rui Silva  
I’ve google about confronting CAB and Acropolis, and I’ve found other people also worried about the actual Acropolis momentum. After the initial fuss it seems that we must lower down our expectations at least for now. ...
Acropolis: Between Elation and Despair 
Microsoft announced “Acropolis” at TechEd 2007. Acropolis is a .NET framework and companion tools for building highly interactive applications. ...
Binding Acropolis NavigationManager with ActivePart vs ActiveParts by avalonboy
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Microsoft Codename Acropolis - Unwrapped
20 Jun 2007 by Kevin Hoffman  
In this post I take a look at Acropolis - what it is and why should developers be concerned about it. Also, I compare it to some offerings on OS X to help clear things up.

Hello World with Acropolis Part 1 by Ezeauiel Jadib 

In this post I will show you how to create a simple Hello World Sample using Acropolis.Acropolis is a set of components and tools that make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client .NET applications...

Hello World with Microsoft Acropolis Part Two: Services Dependencies  by Ezeauiel Jadib 

In my previous sample I showed how to create a Hello World sample using Microsoft Acropolis. Here we will modify that sample to use a service to retrieve the Hello World message...

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