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July, 2007

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    New Acropolis Sample: Expense [Kathy Kam]

    As we have mentioned in TechEd 2007 - Orlando, our team has been busy developing a LOB focused example. Download it and let us know what you think! This should be up...
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    7/20 Acropolis Post Round up [KathyKam]

    Another quiet week for the Microsoft Acropolis project... Community: Hello World with Microsoft Acropolis Part 2: Services Dependencies [Ezequiel Jadib] Also, Chris Woodruff will be speaking about Microsoft Acropolis in Michigan. <Editorial...
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    7/13 Acropolis Post Round up [KathyKam]

    Quiet week for the Microsoft Acropolis project... Community: July CTP of Acropolis causes consternation [James Vastbinder] Video Introducing Acropolis [Lab49 Innovation on Demand] <Editorial Comment> Seems like the buzz this week all went...
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    7/6 Acropolis Post Round up [Kathy Kam]

    Acropolis Team: Watch This Space: Acropolis July CTP Coming Soon! [David Hill] Acropolis on .NET Rocks! [David Hill] "Acropolis" July CTP Available now! [Kathy Kam] TechEd Australia and TechEd NZ! See you there~ [Kathy Kam] Command Connection Points and...
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    "Acropolis" July CTP available now [Kathy Kam]

    The Acropolis team is pleased to announce that Acropolis July CTP release is now available for download at: Features available in...
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