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May, 2005

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Who is Adam Nathan?

I'm not Adam Nathan the actor, although I did make an uncredited appearance as a "close-up extra" in the 1988 flop known as Tiger Warsaw because it was filmed in my home town.  (In fact, the Buhl Mansion mentioned on IMDb is where I got married!)

I'm also not Adam Nathan the pop star, because although I tried out for American Idol, I didn't make the cut. :)

Instead, I'm Adam Nathan the Software Design Engineer at Microsoft.  I'm created the prototype for what has become Microsoft Popfly, and am still on the team, loving every minute of it!  Prior to that, I was a member of the Common Language Runtime team for 6 years, so I got the privilege of being at the core of .NET technologies since the very beginning.

I'm the author of WPF Unleashed.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide, plus a co-author of ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code, and a contributor to .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Vol. 2.  I'm currently working on a new book, so stay tuned!

I'm also the creator of and its Visual Studio add-in, an online community-driven repository of PInvoke signatures that helps developers migrate to managed code.  I've also created the CLR SPY tool that opens the lid of the Common Language Runtime "black box" and enables developers to find and diagnose bugs in their managed code.  I've also recently put together, a wiki meant for sharing XAML samples.

I'm a regular speaker on the topic of managed code, interoperability, and WinFX.  I graduated from Cornell University with an honors B.S. degree in Computer Science.

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    Going to TechEd

    I didn't think I was going this year, but plans have changed! You should able to find me at the cabanas or the Developer Tools booths in the Microsoft Pavilion. See you in Orlando!
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    Avalon Beta 1 RC: What's New Since March?

    Tim posted a great document that describes the major additions to Avalon you'll see in the Beta 1 RC bits. I like the promise of being able to recompile your source code on "final Beta 1" with no changes! :) Here's a quick summary of what's new: ...
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    Now available: Beta 1 RC of Avalon and Indigo

    I'm happy to say that the Beta 1 RC of Avalon & Indigo is now available here . This version is compatible with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2! As promised, I've updated my XAML playing cards sample here , and I've updated the two pages on XAMLshare...
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    A new XAML wiki:

    Could wikis be the solution to all the world's problems? Probably not, but I've created another one anyway. It's called XAMLshare . I'm starting to see folks share XAML samples on their blogs (myself included), and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to...
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    When creating XAML by hand isn't feasible

    In my previous XAML-related post , Mike asked about my conversion from SVG to XAML. I know of two such programs that help with this (and I see Will also listed them in a comment): XAMLConverter from Xamlon, which is currently in sync with the March...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog is one year old!

    In a recent meeting, I got the opportunity to meet Ward Cunningham , David Ornstein , and Korby Parnell . Naturally, afterwards I had wikis on the brain. They (not intentionally) made me feel guilty about being on such an old version of FlexWiki...
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    XAML Playing Cards

    Looking at the card games that ship with Windows XP, I think one of the most obvious opportunities for improvement is the look & feel of the playing cards. These games use a shared library known as cards.dll to draw cards that look like... um... this...
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    Migrating Internet Hearts to WinFX

    Last year, Chris Sells wrote a series of articles in which he set out to rewrite Solitaire using Avalon. The lack of scaling graphics in the Win32 version (and lack of access to its source code, I suppose) forced him down the road of rewriting the app...
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