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September, 2005

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Who is Adam Nathan?

I'm not Adam Nathan the actor, although I did make an uncredited appearance as a "close-up extra" in the 1988 flop known as Tiger Warsaw because it was filmed in my home town.  (In fact, the Buhl Mansion mentioned on IMDb is where I got married!)

I'm also not Adam Nathan the pop star, because although I tried out for American Idol, I didn't make the cut. :)

Instead, I'm Adam Nathan the Software Design Engineer at Microsoft.  I'm created the prototype for what has become Microsoft Popfly, and am still on the team, loving every minute of it!  Prior to that, I was a member of the Common Language Runtime team for 6 years, so I got the privilege of being at the core of .NET technologies since the very beginning.

I'm the author of WPF Unleashed.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide, plus a co-author of ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code, and a contributor to .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Vol. 2.  I'm currently working on a new book, so stay tuned!

I'm also the creator of and its Visual Studio add-in, an online community-driven repository of PInvoke signatures that helps developers migrate to managed code.  I've also created the CLR SPY tool that opens the lid of the Common Language Runtime "black box" and enables developers to find and diagnose bugs in their managed code.  I've also recently put together, a wiki meant for sharing XAML samples.

I'm a regular speaker on the topic of managed code, interoperability, and WinFX.  I graduated from Cornell University with an honors B.S. degree in Computer Science.

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    To correspond with my PDC talk about making an application "light up" on Windows Vista, I've created . This site has a ClickOnce link that enables you can play a version of my new & improved Internet Hearts game. Here's a "before...
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    The transformation of Jim Miller

    Jim Miller, one of the CLR's brilliant architects, has been known to go months being clean shaven and go months being the exact opposite of clean shaven. He just switched modes again, and nobody at work recognizes him. He claims he did this because needed...
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    That mysterious "proprietary" blackout in the PDC keynote webcast...

    ...was a parody video with Napoleon Dynamite and Bill Gates. It's too bad it couldn't be broadcast, because it was very funny! But Joshua Trupin has a blurry photo of it on his blog. Maybe there are more out there... Other highlights from Bill's part...
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    Light up on Windows Vista: The "Top 10" List

    PDC attendees got a "top 10" poster, but the details are now live on MSDN: " 10 things you can do to make your application shine when it runs on Windows Vista ." They are, in no particular order: 1. Follow the Windows Vista style guidelines 2. Enrich...
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    The artwork of PDCs through the years

    As you might now, this PDC will be the 11th one. I've put together the logos from PDCs past (courtesy of Steve Cellini and Robert Hess ): Has anyone out there (other than Robert Hess) been to all 10? Do these images bring back any memories? As...
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    XAML *Video* Playing Cards

    On XAMLshare I just put the source for the video playing cards I showed in my PDC talk and on the Channel 9 video : Put the XAML inside XAMLPad (Beta 1) and qualify the .wmv references with their full path. Enjoy! Tags: PDC , PDC05
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    The best screenshots from the PDC...

    ...come from Mike Hall : this and this . Tags: PDC , PDC05
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    Light up with WPF: The Video

    Now playing on Channel 9: This covers one item on that top 10 list . And the focus is on an existing applications... taking advantage of your existing code rather than rewriting everything from...
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    There goes my dream of being a rock star...

    For anyone that was wondering about the fate of my audition , I got the following response today: Hello and thank you so much for your interest in Going Beyond Spotlight 2005!!! The response to our contest was OVERWHELMING with dozens and dozens...
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    Could YOU be the next Microsoft Idol?

    Every year that I've been at Microsoft (except last year!) we've had a huge company meeting in Safeco Field that is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. This year there's a new item on the agenda. From the company meeting website: "Do you...
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    Where I'll be @ PDC

    I don't know my entire schedule yet, but the following are some definite places & times where you can find me: Tuesday: 2:30-3:00PM: Fundamentals Track Lounge 3:00-4:00PM: Tools & Languages Track Lounge ("Meet the SDK Team") 4:00-5:30PM: Fundamentals...
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    SLAR v2 is out!

    Volume 2 of the book that Brad affectionately calls the "SLAR" has been published ! He stopped by my office with a copy last week (since I contributed some annotations to it). It looks like a great book! Congratulations, Brad!
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