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Steve Jobs: Microsoft copied original Apple Mac with Windows 95, now they're copying us again

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 - 09:57 AM EST


"In his first extended interview since undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer last summer, Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked with Fortune Magazine's Brent Schlender.

(I know I'm going to get spanked for this one :)

Clearly, Steve Jobs is still suffering from some of the after-effects of the general anesthesia from his surgery... wow, I don't know where to start.

First, it is amazing to say that Windows 95 copied from the orginal Mac.. The original Mac, with its co-operative multitasking environment, and its single-click operation, is very different indeed, from the UI, to the low-level threading model behind the scenes. Almost everything is different. And come on, Steve, you copied MacOS from Parc, so I wouldn't play high and mighty.

Copying OS/X and its feature set. Sounds like the other way around. Longhorn specs have been around for over two years. OS/X, itself a clear implementation of Unix (now, don't say you invented that, too.), does have a nice shell on it., and finally gives the Mac a multi-threading OS, is probably closer to a clone of a combination of Unix and Windows NT/2000/XP... interesting, however, that you can't maintain the stability in the OS that XP has...I say this only from personal friends in other business that are quite computer literate that tried OS/X and moved back to XP because of negative experiences. Not to mention what Apple pulled in the font arena when moving from MacOS to OSX. Trade Printers and Graphic artists are a little upset, and least the ones that I know.

Mac OS X is so solid that its going into places that Apple's never been before. That's good. OS X running on specifc controlled hardware. I wonder how much more stable Windows would be running on a specific hardware spec. But that's just bad for competition.


Mac sales are good news for Microsoft. Microsoft is still, I believe, the number one vendor of software for the Mac.