On a swing through the maritimes at UG meetings... Halifax, Fredericton, and St. John's NFLD. Great meetings all, with largest number of attendees at each, and people really loved the content (Security). We covered Cross-site scripting attacks, Cononicalization attacks, and SQL Injection attacks... People are generally blown away when they see the ease of using these attacks to compromise sites. On any platform, web server, database, and browser.

So I'm currenty enduing my second day of flight delays of 3 hours with Air CaXXXX. They tell you they're delayed when you check in, but don't say sorry, or anything, don't even off to give you a food court coupon or anything for your troubles. I think I need to send a letter in. The only positive is that the St. John's airport at least as free WiFi access everywhere, so I can do some work.

Next steps, I'll be posting a sample deployment report from Visual Studio Team System. I keep meaning to copy the report from the VPC image before shutting it down... Next time, I'll remember. The deployment report is actually pretty amazing. You can generally hand the report to a server guy, and say, "hey, go build this server, install these services, and configure them all with these settings." Really powerful, and it'll be even more so when combined with RIS and other deployment technologies to automate server deployment and configuration.

Next post, hopefully.

Now, I'm going to listen to my (ABSOLUTELY NOT AN) iPOD. :)