So we had our webcast today… In case you need to watch it on demand, or check out additional sessions/topics in our series, check out the VSTS Dev Tools Power Hour page at

The slides from the session are available from my skydrive, at!.ppt … As well, all of the command lines I used are listed below:

Upgrade Project

TFSConfig import /sqlinstance:tfs2010\instance /collectionName:Upgraded

Add Link Types

witadmin importlinktype /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded  /f:c:\upgradeprocess\SharedStep.xml

witadmin importlinktype /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded  /f:c:\upgradeprocess\TestedBy.xml

Add New Work Item Types:

witadmin importwitd /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded /p:DPEAgile /f:c:\UpgradeProcess\TestCase.xml

witadmin importwitd /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded /p:DPEAgile /f:c:\UpgradeProcess\SharedStep2.xml

Add New Categories

witadmin importcategories /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded  /p:DPEAgile /f:c:\upgradeprocess\categories.xml

Add my updated existing work items (Bug, Scenario)

witadmin importwitd /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded  /p:DPEAgile /f:c:\Bug.xml

witadmin importwitd /collection:http://tfs2010:8080/tfs/Upgraded  /p:DPEAgile /f:c:\Scenario.xml

Note that this is all related to the procedures up at and particularly the document at .


Hope you enjoyed the session!