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This is the
complete demonstration environment that I use when showing customers our
software. It is preconfigured with sample data, projects, and there are over 20
hands on labs that accompany it, so you can learn interactively.


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  • April
    : Microsoft is co-sponsoring the STAR Canada QA conference in Toronto
    from April 7-11,2013. As a benefit to our customers, we are able to provide a
    discount code (MSSC) which will take $150 off the conference cost until the
    conference begins.

  • April 25:
    Webcast: Quality
    Enablement with Visual Studio
    by Adam Gallant, Senior Technology Specialist,
    Microsoft Canada.



  • Use Pinpoint to find Partners to
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  • Partners developing software with a Microsoft
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      how internal-use software licenses can be obtained with competencies
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    • Review the FAQ for clarifications on
    • See
      how you can get up
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  • Up
    to 30% off
    step-up from Visual Studio Professional 2012 with MSDN to Visual
    Studio Premium 2012 (restrictions apply)

  • Up
    to 20% off
    Visual Studio 2012 for Partners certified in the Microsoft
    Partner Network (restrictions apply)


Case Studies



Xerox Improves Software Quality, Cuts Costs by Linking Development
  and Operations


Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

  •   Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1

  •   Microsoft Hyper-V

  •   Windows Server 2012 Datacenter


The Xerox India Development Center (IDC) writes software for
customers all over the world, including many Xerox groups. The geographical
distance between IDC and its customers and the lack of modern development tools
made it difficult for IDC developers to deliver quality code and fix problems
quickly. IDC upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and Visual
Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 to gain a modern development platform. It
then upgraded to Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft System Center 2012 Service
Pack 1 to virtualize and replicate production environments and integrate workload
monitoring with development tools. The result has been a dramatic improvement
in developer efficiency, software quality, and problem resolution times.
Because developers are happier, staff attrition has dropped from 29 percent to
10 percent in two years.



Outdoor Apparel Innovator Finds Perfect Fit for Cross-Platform
  Development Success


Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Columbia Sportswear maintained
legacy applications that limited its ability to keep up with the pace of business
innovation. Sales representatives found uploading orders painful. End users
couldn't use mobile devices to tackle supply chain processes. To become more
nimble in addressing the growing volume of software needs, the IT organization
adopted Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012, which has enabled
it to work more effectively across teams and platforms



Developers Gain Productivity Using Windows Workflow Foundation for
  Complex Workflows

Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2012

Many companies want to automate
their human resources processes (HR) resulting in tangible cost savings and
streamlining regulatory compliance. The complexity of the HR processes makes
developing the workflows difficult, but for companies across Australasia,
PayGlobal has a solution. PayGlobal’s Exolvo software has pre-built workflows
that adhere to local best practices that are ready for rapid installation and
easy customization or changes to suit specific company requirements. PayGlobal
uses Visual Studio Premium 2012 to build Exolvo because it provides the
functionality to help PayGlobal develop and maintain its substantial workflows
in significantly less time.




Hybrid Cloud Enabler Improves Time-to-Market for Multiple Products

Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

  •   Microsoft .NET Framework

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

  •   Microsoft C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism

Hybrid Decisions, a Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner (ISV), used Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server
2012 to improve its processes while updating its product lines to work with the
latest versions of Microsoft products. It leveraged improvements to application
lifecycle management as well as improved capabilities across the IDE to speed
time-to-market by at least 12%.



Financial Data Leader Shortens Time-to-Market, Increases Speed with
  Right Tools

Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

  •   Microsoft C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism

  •   Microsoft Parallel Patterns Library

  •   Microsoft Visual C++ Technologies

CMA—a company that develops pricing
solutions and financial data services—wanted to include a faster pricing
mechanism in its multi-asset valuation products without sacrificing accuracy.
The company used C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism in Microsoft Visual Studio
2012 to quickly bring the functionality to market while speeding performance
and maintaining accuracy. CMA gained a competitive advantage and helped clients
address market changes.



Xbox Live and SQL Hadoop Speed Service Updates with Automated
  Software Engineering

Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

  •   Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Machine

Microsoft is rapidly changing its
business to focus on delivering software as a service in order to provide more
value to its customers by providing rapid updates and ensuring a consistent
user experience across devices. For its development teams this change in focus
meant that new processes were needed to meet the shorter release cycles common
to cloud-based services. Services teams from across the company led an effort
to create a software engineering system for the company’s Build Deploy Test
processes based on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 and Systems Center
Virtual Machine Manager 2012. The teams are now utilizing gated check-in, daily
builds, and continuous integration to reduce their release times from months to
weeks or even days.



Hosted Solution Provider Builds Mobile Functionality with MVC 4

Software and Services

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

  •   Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

  •   Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Paylocity wanted to add mobile
functionality to its hosted payroll and human resources’ solutions while still
maintaining a single code base. When it determined that ASP.NET MVC 4 provided
a great method for doing this it decided to upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio
2012. It also found that Visual Studio 2012 provided many additional
capabilities that raised its developers’ productivity by several minutes per