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Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested

March, 2006

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About Adam Singer

An inside look at life as a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft in the Visual Studio product group.

I post code samples and workarounds, information on new features and random thoughts. My sense of humor is an acquired taste- which is a polite way of saying I make some pretty dumb jokes.

For more information, see post #1!

  • Adam Singer

    Recursion: It's what's for dinner

    Silly though it may be, have you heard that James Manning posted that Buck Hodges posted about Rob Caron talking about Rick LaPlante's public announcement at SD West that Team Foundation Server ships tomorrow ? On behalf of the Version Control QA Team...
  • Adam Singer

    [N]TFS and Alternate Data Streams

    Perhaps you've heard of them . Files in NTFS may have multiple "Alternate Data Streams" (ADS), each with its own contents. It's an interesting concept, certainly, but one that requires all software written for NTFS to buy into it, which is always risky...
  • Adam Singer

    CLR and Present Danger

    Jeff Maxton recently pointed out an issue with Team Foundation and the Windows folder "encrypt contents" option. Briefly, the problem is this. Suppose you want to encrypt your working folders for your Team Foundation workspace. Theoretically, you should...
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