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Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested

September, 2006

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About Adam Singer

An inside look at life as a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft in the Visual Studio product group.

I post code samples and workarounds, information on new features and random thoughts. My sense of humor is an acquired taste- which is a polite way of saying I make some pretty dumb jokes.

For more information, see post #1!

  • Adam Singer

    That was easy

    Remember those Staples commercials with the "easy button"? Well, it seems like they're actually selling them now! I found out when my girlfriend bought me one yesterday. Like Chris said, they're kind of like this year's version of the red stapler from...
  • Adam Singer

    Master of No Domain

    I've seen several folks asking about Team Foundation Server in a non-domain (i.e. workgroup) environment. Note that the TFS Workgroup Edition is not required for this setup-- that edition is just a limited user edition that only allows five users to have...
  • Adam Singer

    Le Chat-tue

    For anyone who hasn't heard yet, there's a Team System Chat tomorrow. These chats are great ways to get information in real-time directly from some of the folks who wrote the software you're using. Please join us! Visual Studio Team System Public...
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