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Thoughts and the occasional rant from Adam Ulrich, a Test Manager in Microsoft's Designer Tools Group. All things Sparkle, Acrylic, testing, recruiting and hiring.

September, 2005

  • AdamU's WebLog

    Sparkle Video Link

    In case you missed the Sparkle Video on Channel 9, here's the link: And the NorthFace Concept Video:
  • AdamU's WebLog

    You've Got Questions, I've got Answers... Part 2

    OK, here's your chance. Blast away. I did this last year, and got lots of questions from people about how hiring and recruiting works at Microsoft, as well as some test questions. So, what would you like to know? Something about Sparkle? Or Acrylic...
  • AdamU's WebLog

    Sparkle and AdamU

    Well, given that we (finally!) announced today (at PDC) the project I've been working on for the last 3 years, I can now put in my blog that I've been working on "Sparkle Interactive Designer". You can check it out here . And yes, if you get a chance...
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