If you have used the WCF SAP Adapter prior to Beta2, and then switched to the Beta2 version, one major difference is visible during the Metadata Browse and Search experience - The BAPI node is no longer visible!

No, the adapter has not stopped supporting BAPIs. Instead, (due to non-technical constraints), we've decided to not show the BAPI node by default. BAPI visibility during design time, and execution at run time, is now controlled by a Binding Property named "EnableBusinessObjects" (which you might have guessed by now - is false by default). Therefore, you need to ensure that this property is set to true during both design time and run time if you want to use BAPIs.

Another enhancement - it is now possible to have BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT and BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK exposed within the same proxy object. Earlier, due to an oversight on our part, the BAPI methods were exposed in one proxy interface/contract/object, while the Rollback method was exposed in another proxy object - which meant that BAPI calls executed on a different SAP connection as compared to the Rollback function. This defeated the whole purpose of Rollback - the rollback needs to happen on the same SAP connection on which the earlier BAPIs were executed.