For years users have been asking "how do I insert images in my forums posts?". Prior to the 8/4/2011 release this was not easy, users had to first upload their image to some external host site (such as skydrive) then edit the html of their post to include the <img src tag. While this was not easy, at least users could do it. The August 2011 release introduces an easier way for users to insert images. While users could include images using the <img src tag it was too difficult to continually explain. Users typically need to insert images to help better explain what they are seeing in their local environment and provide specific information to help the community understand the issue and provide help.

After 8/4/2011 users will see a new toolbar in the editor to "insert image". Clicking this will enable the user to select a local file (.png, .jpg .bmp or .gif) and insert it into their post. There are two important limitations for including images: 1. users can only include a maximum of 2 images per post. 2. The maximum size for an image is 1MB.  These limitations are in place for a variety of reasons but mostly to limit the potential abuse of people adding huge files to the system and causing potential performance issues. We want to keep the user transactions efficient so we put these limitations in place.  

Below are some screen shots of the functionality.

Insert image toobar

Insert image dialog