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June, 2004

  • Antimail

    How to write a DCOM server in C#

    Updated 12/06/2006 : states that PInvoking CoRegisterClassObject is a technique which is not supported. Well, why DCOM and...
  • Antimail

    Another way to expose a COM/.NET DLL assembly as a secure DCOM service

    In my last post I mentioned a simple way to expose a .NET class under a secure DCOM connection. That particular method works best if the class that you securely exposed through DCOM lives in your own EXE service (which is written in C# for example). But...
  • Antimail

    Remembering passwords...

    It looks like the number of passwords that I have to remember grows linearly over time. Since I don't have the best mnemotechnic abilities I decided today that it is OK to just forget them. Then, I just tell the whatever-site-I-must-log-on that I've forgot...
  • Antimail

    Playing with iSCSI

    For a long time I wanted to get my hands on a true iSCSI hardware target. Without a target, the only thing you can do is to learn about iSCSI in a theoretical manner. iSCSI seems to be one of these disrupting technologies. The goal is simple: reinventing...
  • Antimail

    MSDN article

    I collaborated with Stephen Toub and Steve Lamb on a MSDN article on .NET reflection - check it out!
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