An interesting article about various uses of the RFID technology: and its associated Slashdot link.

But, I actually have a different wish from RFID. I always dreamed of some "smart" hand-held RFID scanner that could discover whatever I couldn't find for the moment. For example, let's say that I can't find my glasses in the morning. Then all I have to do is pick my scanner, select "my glasses" from the menu, and start following directions. Then I can turn the scanner there and get closer and closer, until I am in the room containing the glasses.

The scanner and sheets of RFID stickers should be available at the QFC nearby for less than $40. Eventually I should be able to buy more stickers for $5 per sheet.


P.S. A problem remains: what if I lose the scanner?  I can use two scanners and attach a RFID sticker on each one of them. That way, I can use one to find the other one :-)